Berdichev - Visit notes and photos #ukraine

Yael Driver <drivery@...>

Many of you have commented on the general neglect in some Jewish
cemeteries both in the East and the West, so it is probably timely
to give you some GOOD news.

The work on clearing the cemetery of "Levi Itzchak of Berdichev"
situated in Berdichev itself, has started and I am hoping to bring
you pictorial evidence of the progress at the end of August.

Unfortunately the photos I brought back >from my initial trip and the
edited article which they now accompany have so far apparently not
been approved for the Ukraine SIG page.

However, you can view these cemetery photos on Ted Margolis' site under Ukraine. I am sure that Ted would
welcome your feedback.

My article and photos on the TOWN of Berdichev itself are on the
UkraineSIG web page and should also be on Ted's website. comments
are welcome.

Yael Driver, London, UK

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