Achtenberg #ukraine

Roberta Carol <roberta123@...>

I would like to thank all of you who responded to my quest of alternate
spellings of Achtenberg.

I checked all of them to no avail. However, I was convinced that it was
there; I simply had to find the correct spelling,

Then, using the Stephen Morse web site, I started entering every weird
combination of two and three letters that might possibly fit. And much to
my amazement, I finally found the entry under a spelling which I would never
have considered.

I was looking for Molka Achtenberg; I found her under Malca Ahtemberg.

This ends a 20-year search for information about my husband's mother. My
excitement is mitigated, however, because my husband died six months ago.
How pleased he would have been to have learned more about his mother's
arrival in the US.

Thank you, JewishGenners, for your advice and support.

Roberta Carol
Lake Worth, Florida 33467


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