Why searching for negative information? #ukraine


A peculiar e-mail request was posted by a writer for the Wall Street
Journal newspaper (which ran an article on genealogy in June 2001)
requesting "negative experiences in the domain of the quest for
genealogical information and attempts at tracing ancestors.
Perhaps I did not understand the request..but we all understand that it
often is like searching for a needle in a haystack, yet along the search
there is so much history and knowledge of life and places and experiences
about earlier times..and message boards with fellow listers who often
have so much knowledge and generous information sharing that one finds
this "hobby" or "quest" most interesting. Why would someone look for
negatives ...is there anything wrong in wishing to find out about ones
past relatives and crystalize a sense of "how we got to be" along the
way. It is fascinating for the curious who do not mind a hobby with an
academic process to it. I love it!.

Kitty (brucekitty@...)

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