Book "The Descendants of Isaak Kohn of Deutschrust(Saaz District), #austria-czech

samorai <samorai@...>

Can't turn up a library holding for book cited below using several
broad-based search tools which search American U libraries. Google,
Jeeves, Hotbox drew blank also. Leo Baeck doesn't have it. Are there
other broad-based search tools which might detect any library holding?
If I draw a blank, is my only remaining resort to canvas booksellers?

Searching for:
The Descendants of Isaak Kohn of Deutschrust (Saaz District),
Czechoslovakia. By John Henry Richter. Ann Arbor, MI: The Author, 1980.

Richter was known for work in genealogy field and had an article
published in Avotaynu pertaining to rabbis and genealogy.

Seeking KOHN, WEXLER >from Liebeschitz [Saaz district]

Paul King

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