Research in Ukraine and Moldova #ukraine


You should check the book by M. Weiner entitled "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and
Moldova," It lists the records that are known for various places in these
countries, the archives that have the records, and information for contacting
the appropriate archives.

You have also helped me solve one of my family connections. I had tried
unsuccessfully to determine where some of my relatives came from. I was
looking for a Goretza, but you have helped me realize that the place was
probably Gertza/Gertsa. Thank you!!

Jeff Miller
Olney, Maryland

StaroKonstantinov, Kuz'min, Gertza/Gertsa, Kamenets-Podolskiy Ukraine, and
from Iasi, Romania
<< Is there an archive or archives to which I can write for records >from
Romania and/or Moldova? I am also interested in records >from the former
Romanian town of Hertza, which is today known as Gertsa and is located in
present-day Ukraine.>>
Robert Mandelbaum

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