Medical Deportees from EI POSTALOV/HERMAN-Zhitomir #ukraine

Henry Carrey <hcarrey@...>

Does anyone know when the medical exams were given to immigrants and if
there were any records ?

My grandmother Fradl POSTALOV ( nee HERMAN ) >from Zhitomir ,Ukraine
arrived in North America in 1911 or early 1912 along with her 4 year old
daughter Leah/Leyke Because my grandmother had trachoma in her eyes and
was not allowed to enter , my grandfather had her and my mother sent to
Canada for treatment instead of back to Europe.

I have no idea how common this was or how my grandfather managed to arrange

I have not been able to find any records in the EIDB of my grandmother or
mother using any spellings. I did , however, stumble upon a shipping
record at the Waltham,MA. NARA office showing that they arrived in Boston
from Montreal on December 12 , 1912.
Would they have been on a ship's manifest if my grandmother was
diagnosed in Europe?
Would there have been a detainee's record in EI , if she was diagnosed
there ?
Is it possible that her ship went to Boston directly and by-passed Ellis

Any information or ideas would be welcome. I posted this question once
before in a different way and received no responses.


Henry Carrey


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