Re: locating a relative in Israel #latvia


If you send a letter to The Jewish Agency, Search Bureau for Missing Relatives at P.O. Box 92, Jerusalem, Israel, with any information you have about your relatives they should be able to help you. This resource has the name and address of every living citizen as well as those who have died within the last 5 years. They located two of my relatives that my family has not spoken to in 4o years.

Researching: LECHNO - (Feadosia, Ukraine), GERSCHBURG - (Polotsk, Belarus), Frischman (Wolnisk, Russia - Poland), GLUBERMAN - (Kawno or Kaunas ), COHEN - (Israel) , STRUTZ or ZIMMERMAN- (Russia - Poland), ROTHSTEIN- (Warsaw, Polland), MANSON (Warsaw, Polland), BALL - (Austria), Balsam - (Austria)

Carl Cohen
New Jersey, USA

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