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yale sedman <ys-sedman@...>

My father left his birthplace, Kopaigorod, Russia (now Ukraine) and is
in the EIDB for 1913 listing his residence as cited. Two of his
brothers are separately found in the EIDB for 1921 and list Jassy (and
Tassy?), Roumania as their residence. While I have not located the
entry at Ellis Island for the rest of the family, the 1956 death
certificate (in Detroit) of their mother lists her birthplace as

I am told that the members of the family arriving >from 1921 on, had
Roumanian citizenship (passports, papers?). Will appreciate suggestions
as to why/how this change in "residence" occurred. Is World War 1 a
factor? Changes in US laws? Thanks. Yale

Yale Sedman
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