looking for info on GG Grandfather - Serotina Russia #ukraine

Katrina Paulson <katrina_paulson@...>

Hoping someone can direct me in the right direction with my search for my GG
Grandfather. Joshua KAZAN/KAZANSKY was born (according to his naturalization
papers in Serotina, Russia on Feb 7, 1874, most of his children were born in
England, the last in the USA. At some point he met and married jane/jenny
JAFFEE a native of Israel (Palestine at the time) relatives have told me
that her family was of "high priests" and she rebelled. Joshua had two
brothers, one who remained in England, the other settled in Virginia, An
e-mail to the russian gen board, suggested that Serotina was in the Ukraine,
I was hoping someone could give me a direction to search next.
Thank you
KAtrina Paulson
S. Burlington, VT

Names -
KAZAN/KAZANSKY - russia/ukraine
BIZGIA - Romania/austria
FRIEDMAN - Romania
JAFFEE - Israel
REVA - Romania

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