Yehuda/Edel #ukraine

Harriet Brown <hnbrown@...>


My g-grandfather was known all his life as Edel. Only in my genealogical
research have I discovered that his "given" name at birth was Yehuda. He
too lived in the Philadelphia area. He was born near Ciechanow, Poland, not
in Ukraine, which suggests how common this name connection may have been. I
was confused when I began researching becuase I was told that Edel was
always a woman's name, but turns out it's not!

Good luck.

--Harriet Brown
Madison, WI

Researching: BRUCHANSKY, Priluki, Ukraine--> Carmel, New Jersey -->
Philadelphia, Camden; INWENTARZ, Ciechanow area of Poland--> Philadelphia;
KALMANOVITZ, Konotop, Russia/Ukraine--> Philadelphia; COBERT, Melnitza,
Austria --> Philadelphia; SANDLER, somewhere in Lithuania --> Philadelphia;
SENDROWICZ, Ciechanow area of Poland --> Camden, New Jersey

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