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Paul Silverstone

My cousin's middle name was Braham.

Paul Silverstone

Mila Begun of NY wrote as follows:

I was intrigued by the many variations on the name Abraham that Professor
Esterson showed us. Understandably, he provided a condensed list. I
wonder if the expanded list would include the variations below.

I knew a "Rami" >from Israel who said his full name was Abraham. And in
my own family, a Mexico-born cousin is nick-named "Bomi," also for

Additionally -- in transliterating the 19th century Polish records, I
often see "Abram," and rarely the complete spelling of Abraham.

Rami and Bomi are more modern nicknames. I included only those which I
found for the period 1795-1925, and these would not have included the
previous two names.

The European secular names Abram and Abraham were both adopted by Jews in
their contacts with non-Jews, and were linked variously with the Hebrew
names Avraham and Avram (Avraham's previous name, before it was changed
to Avraham). Abram and Abraham are really two different names.

Paul Silverstone
New York

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