Re: The name "ZISEL" #ukraine

Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Freya Blitstein Maslov posted as follows"

"Can anyone tell me about the name "Zisel" ? My Grandmother
Rose (Riwke) age 18 and her sister Sophie (Zisel), age 23 left
Miropol and came to the U.S on the USS Birma June 23 1913.
On the EI manifest, it looks like "Disel""

The Yiddish nickname Zisl was used by Ukranian women, along with several
related names, e.g., Zisa and Zisha. In Yiddish this means "sweet". And
women having one of these names did adopt the name Sophie upon immigration
to the US, according to my Given Names Data Base for Ukraine.

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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