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Steve Franklin <franklin@...>

| A cousin of mine, in Bolszowce, Galicia (currently Bolshovtsy,
Ukr), was
| named Chana. On one of her brother's passenger manifests, their
| name appears to be Chana Liba; on another, their mother' name is
| Chana Sabo.
| Either way, it appears that both mother and daughter were named
Chana, an
| oddity in Ashkenazic naming! Has anyone run into this? Is it
| Nowadays, we look at at second name as a "middle name" but is it
| that Chana Sabo or Chana Liba would be considered a different
name than just
| Chana? Any idea what the "meaning" of Chana "Sabo" or Chana
"Liba" might be?

In answer to the last two posts, there's a Moshe Nisan ben Moshe
Nisan in my family. I have a photo of the tombstone. Moshe (I) was
my great great grandfather. His son, Moshe (II) (Morris) Franklin
was my great grandfather Hersh Franklin's brother. There are
numerous Morrises and Nathans all apparently named after Moshe
Nisan (I). I can only assume that Moshe Nisan (I) died before
Moshe Nisan (II) was born, or he was sick enough to warrant an
exception. Keep in mind that this isn't a religiously mandated
system, just a custom. By the way, Morris (II) had a son named
Morton, his Hebrew name being Mordecai. ;o)

Steve Franklin, Baltimore

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