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Sandra G. Shapiro <sandrags@...>

Having researched many books on the pogroms in the Ukraine, I have yet to
find information on the shtetl Ratno. However, I have learned alot about
the history of the region. Many of the books are >from the 1920ies. I would
like to share information on one published in 1999: that I found very
informative. "A Prayer for the Government: Ukrainian and Jews in
Revolutionary Times 1917-1920" by Henry Abramson, Harvard Un. Press. Unlike
the earlier books, this has an index and a very extensive bibliography.
With the passage of some 80 years, the book gives a much broader
interpretation of the events following the WWI. Again, I was able to get
the book on an interlibrary loan.

Sandra G. Shapiro, Wilsonville, OR

TENENBAUM >from Divin
LEVY , KLYN Kortylisy, Volhynia
GOLDSMITH Ratno,Volhynia

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