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On Feb.3/02 Jim Belsen asked in what borough is Harlem. It is in Manhattan.

Questions about old NYC school records arise >from time to time and
messages about the availability of records can be found in Jewishgen's
Discussion Group Archives.

In New York City all public-school student records are kept by the public
schools themselves, NOT by Central Administration (NYC Board of Education) on
Livingston Street in Brooklyn.

Although NYC public schools are required by law to keep records for no
more than sixty five years, sometimes, through bureaucratic inefficiency or
inertia, they are kept for much longer in moldy old basements or seldom used

I myself had no luck in getting my father's records >from PS 64 on the Lower
East Side but my lack of success may be attributed to the fact the school
moved two times >from its original location. (My father was graduated >from PS
64 in 1912 when the original building was not very many years old.)

However, I've heard >from a couple of other Jewishgenners about obtaining
old NYC school records. One of them told me she'd just telephoned the old
school in Brooklyn which her grandmother had attended during the first five
years of the 20th century and asked for her grandmother's records. That
school sent them to her, to my surprise.

Mr. Belson should call or write to Central Adminstration to learn whether
Harlem Evening High School still exists, although its name may have been
changed. The email address I used some years ago for contacting Central
Administration was:

lsavage@.... edu.

But Ms. Savage, who was secretary to the former chancellor may have have
left or been replaced. (In fact, she was never able to tell me where PS 64
had been located, but one day I found it out myself by noticing and then
squinting at some extremely tiny and faded print on the cover of my father's
graduation program.)

Mr. Belson should do an Internet search to find a more current email for
Central Administration and for its postal address as well. I wish him luck.
He may have it because a new Director with business and legal experience
has been in charge there for a year or more so maybe people working for him
are more efficient, knowledgable and helpful.

Incidentally, at:

there is a biography of s Rufus W. Vanderpool, born in the Virgin Islands,
who attended that Harlem Evening High School for Men, probably during the

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