Beridichev #ukraine

Flo Elman

This is being forwarded to our list on behalf of Mark Burman. His email
address is included.

Hello there,
I am a BBC Radio producer making a radio feature on the
writer Vassili Grossman. I am hoping to travel to Beridichev, his hometown,
and was wondering whether you knew the current situation there?

Does anyone know how easy it is to get there, is it easy to travel to Kiev
first?, whether there is still a community there, are there any local
historians who know the true history of the aktions in Beridichev and so on.

On another related note, my mothers bubeh hailed >from Vinnitsa and went by
the family name of Yasnitz. Is there an easy way to loaclize my search
should I have time to move >from Beridichev?

Appreciating your help

Mark Burman

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