Re: Aliyah passports new source of Inter-war Polish info #galicia


As soon as I read Judy Baston's announcement of Mar.8/02 about Polish Aliyah
passports of the 1930's I went to both websites:

I saw that the name RAPOPORT appeared on the first site, and that
Podwolochisk was one of the towns.

from what was then Palestine, Chaim RAPOPORT of Podwolochisk wrote to my
grandfather, Dr. Isidor BELKOWSKY in Cleveland during the 1930's. In the
first of the three letters I have >from Chaim, he explained that he was a
grandson of a brother of my grandfather's mother.

I have wondered why or how Chaim managed to go to Palestine during this
period. His brother Arieh had stayed in Europe eventually fighting the
Germans and did not get to Palestine until after the war. According to
Arieh's story about his family which was published in the Podwolochisk Yizkor
book, all other members of the RAPOPORT family who lived in Podwolochisk
lost their lives to the Germans because the family's head, Wolf who had sold
his property and farm in order to make aliyah, had changed his mind about
moving to Palestine because he had heard that there people were not
religously observant.

Now I am curious to learn whether the RAPAPORT I noticed at the first Aliyah
Passport website was Chaim!

As soon as I can, I will make a contribution to support this project.

Thank you, Judy Baston, for your announcement.

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
Researching: BELKOWSKY and BIELKOWSKY, Odessa and Berdichev; FELDMAN, Pinsk;
SCHUTZ, RETTIG, WAHL, Shcherets; LEVY, Mulhouse; SAS or SASS,Podwolochisk;
RAPOPORT, Tarnopol, Korostyshev; BEHAM, Salok and Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY,

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