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Flo Elman

Dear Members,
This is being forwarded to the the list on behalf of Roberto Serson of
Brazil. To contact him, email your letters to:

Florence Elman

Dear Friends of The Ukraine SIG,

My name is Roberto Serson. I live in São Paulo, Brazil. My grandparents
came >from Ukraine around 1915/1920.

My grandmother used to say that she was born and raised in a little town
called Chernowitz and the port they left to South America was Odessa. Her
surname was TABEL.

My grandfather, who came to Brazil first, brought all his family and also
my grandmother's family to Brazil a couple of years after he arrived here.
We think that his original surname was something like CHERSON and it was
changed at his arrival in Santos.

We have been studying and trying to find our roots for many years. We also
learned that there is a town in Ukraine named Kherson that eventualy could
be related with our family's origin.

In our most recent searchs made in the Registry of Holocaust Survivors in
Washington,D.C., we found 3 people named Serson and two of them >from a town
named Yaruga. This town is very near >from Cernovcy, which might be the one
our grandmother told about. We think that these towns were/are located in
the actual Gubernia of Podolia.

I would very much appreciate if you could help us in this search. This is
very important for many of our relatives in Brazil. Today we are quite a
big family, but without any information about our ancestrals.

Thank you very much for any help !

Best regards,

Roberto Serson
São Paulo - Brazil

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