Ukraine Projects - Breaking News! #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Members:

We finally have that major breakthrough we've all been waiting for!! Since
April 2001, I had been in touch with the FHL hoping to have them digitize
the microfilm they have for the Ukraine, & make it available to us on CD so
that we wouldn't have to pay for paper copies. By computerizing this
material, our transliterators/translators will be able to magnify the image
so that it will be easier to make out the Cyrillic handwriting. In
addition, acquiring the material would cost us nothing, & our project
coordinator will be able to distribute the lists electronically to our
transliterators!! The Ukraine Archive's permission was needed to release
the material for this purpose, and since October, JewishGen has worked for
a contract with the LDS to scan in the microfilms & put them on cd's.

Joyce Field has just given me the wonderful news that we finally have our
official agreements with the FHL and the films are now being scanned to
CD. They may be ready within 2 weeks. I hope that you are ready as well to
give your time towards preparing them. (In this case, the lists will cover
a number of towns in the area of Zvenigorodka in south-central Kiev.)

Judy Tarail has graciously offered to be our Project
Coordinator. I know that our volunteers will enjoy working with her. My
sincere thanks to you, Judy, for coming through for the Ukraine SIG yet
another time !!!!!

When Judy receives the disks, she will notify you and you will have a
chance to see a few sample scans. You can volunteer to assist on this
project by contacting her at the Email address given above.

I am thrilled about this breakthrough & look forward to watching this
enterprise grow!

Best regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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