Re: Ukraine Projects - Breaking News! #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear Members,
I've been reminded about a couple of important facts which I neglected to
mention in my announcement yesterday.

First, the lists contain Czarist vital records - BMDD (births, marriages,
divorces and deaths) - of the Jewish families in the respective communities.

Secondly, since these records are recorded in both Russian and Hebrew, we
will be needing translators for both languages. The data will be entered
into an existing Excel template and uploaded on an All-Ukraine website,
This should give you a good idea about what kind of assistance will be
required for the project; ie: Hebrew & Russian translation, data entry,
proof reading ......

I will be away >from March 30th until after the middle of May, so if you
have more questions regarding this subject, please address them to Judy
Tarail, the Project Coordinator, at

Good luck in your research, & a Chag Sameach to everyone!

Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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