Samgorodok is not Shenderivka #ukraine

Susan Stone <stonegs@...>

The entry for Samgorodok in "Where Once We Walked" is incorrect because it
includes alternative town names "Shenderivka, Shinderivka, Szandorowka".
The town of Shenderivka is located 100.2 miles SW of Kiev. Its
geographical coordinates are 49'24"/28'56.

Samgorodok is 96.6 miles SW of Kiev, with coordinates 49'32"/28'51".
Samgorodok is about 10 miles NNW of Shenderivka.

My husband's family came >from Shenderivka. According to family stories,
there were only twelve Jewish families in Shenderivka in the mid 1800's.
My husband's great-great grandfather moved his family to a larger town
(Vakhnovka) about 6 miles >from Shenderivka. Vakhnovka's Jewish population
was about 300 families.

Susan Kaplan Stone
New York, N.Y.

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