Ukraine SIG - 2002 Toronto IAJGS Conference Plans #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Members,
I've only just returned >from out of town after a 2 month "hiatus" for
personal health reasons. It's a great feeling to be back with everyone
again. I know that you're all anxious to know what will be happening for
us at the 2002 Conference in Toronto. I think that you'll find the
Ukrainian research content will be very exciting and informative this year.

Our Ukraine SIG General Meeting will be held on Monday, August 5th, at
3:30 - 4:45pm. Some ambitious projects are in the works; we'll fill you in
then, and get a chance to hear your ideas for more.

As you may already know, the head of the Historical Archives of the
Ukraine, Olga Muzychuk, will be making a presentation. We also anticipate
having her as our guest and speaker at a Ukraine SIG luncheon on
Wednesday, August 7th, 2002. I know that you'll all enjoy the chance to
meet her (and each other) in this less formal setting, so be sure to
register and attend this function.

Some information about Olga >from the Conference 2002 website:
was born in Kyiv in 1965 and is the current director of the Central State
Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv. In 1987, she graduated from
Shevchenko University in Kyiv with a degree in history and archives. That
year she began working as an archivist in the Central State Historical
Archives of Ukraine. She then became chief of the section on using archival
information, and >from 1995 she has served as vice-director of archives. Ms.
Muzychuk studied archival procedures in France, where she graduated >from
the International Technical Archival School in Paris. She is a member of
the Committee on Outreach and User's Services of the International Council
on Archives.

Miriam Weiner, author of "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova", and "Jewish
Roots in Poland", will be speaking on Archive Research in the Ukraine, as
well as making a powerpoint presentation on her wonderful site which
includes database details, and an A to Z on the sources available for
research in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Moldova. In order to
make the most of your time at the Conference, I suggest that you visit
Miriam's FAQ site, and examine & read it thoroughly before then so that
time isn't wasted in asking questions for which answers are easily
available. You can find it at:

I'm looking forward to meeting you in August!!

(This information is not yet uploaded on the Conference program schedule,
but the site still has a number of revisions to make before the big day, so
keep returning to check for anything new.)

All the best,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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