Evacuation records #ukraine

Robyn Dryen <schofiel@...>

Larry Brickman's query about records in the "stans" (love that term) made
me wonder about records >from earlier evacuations.

One of my forebears seems to have escaped >from who knows what in the
Ukraine around 1905 or so to Harbin. We presume it followed on theopening
of the trans-Siberian railway.

Does anyone know where I might look for records of Jewish Ukrainians in

Robyn Dryen
Sydney, Australia

Researching: DRUYAN/DRYEN - Hoopolov/Vesselaya, St Petersburg/Petrograd,
Odessa, Zapporozhe, UKR and Lutsin, LAT
KRANTZ - Ekaterinaslav, Pavlograd, Zapporozhe, UKR
Poland: BER - Prsasznyz, Makow Mazowiecki; INDYK/INDIK - Wiskitki,
Zyrardow; KRUPA/COOPER - Lowicz

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