JewishGen's focus #ukraine

Joyce Field

I was quite saddened to read Larry Brikman's assessment of
JewishGen's focus. He wrote on July 2, " Now, since the JewishGen
website assumes that most people really only have an interest in the
eastern European countries and so, don't expend any efforts in terms
of finding records in the "stans" of western Asia."

I would like to point out that we do have a Sefard SIG, a Latin
American SIG,an Early American SIG, and a South Africa SIG, and we
would be more than happy to have a Western Asian SIG if a group of
individuals came to us with such a proposal.

Much of what is online at JewishGen is there as a result of user
initiative and reflects the time, energy, commitment, and financial
support individuals are willing to provide. We would not turn down
efforts to focus on the "stans." In fact, we would heartily welcome
them! If Mr. Brinkman can access records in the "stans" we would be
happy to work with him to computerize the records and display the
material on the JewishGen website.

We are always open to suggestions on how to expand our focus. Don't
hesitate to contact us with your ideas and your offers of assistance.

Joyce Field
JewishGen V.P., Research

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