Tunkel Family Site has been redesigned #ukraine


Dear Genners,

I would like to let you know that Tunkel Family Site has been
updated and redesigned. I invite you all to visit this renewed
Web site at URL:


Hope many of you find it interesting and educational, and
even can add some information to the existing family tree.

For those who never heard about me, I am looking for
TUNKEL-TOONKEL-TOUNKEL family members worldwide.
I already have the information about 12 branches, mostly
originated 200 years ago >from Eastern Europe. For the branch
I belong to the ancestors were tracked down to 1750.
Around 100-150 years ago we are began to spread around the
World and shortly came to China, Japan, Australia,
South-Africa, Brazil, Palestine, Canada and USA.

Again, the purpose of this letter is to invite you all to
visit my Updated Family Web site.
If you are in any way related to TUNKEL family, please feel
free to send me a request for a personal user id and a password.

Please note that our site is in continuous state of reconstruction
and improvement. Thank you all for your interest and participation.

Dr. Roman Tunkel,
Arlington, MA

Searching for
TSERUCHKIN (around 1850 Glussk/Bobruisk)
NEMERZEL' (around 1880, Glussk/Bobruisk)
ERENBURG (around 1890, Bobruisk/Rogachev)
VOLKOV (around 1900, Bobruisk/Rogachev)
RABKIN (around 1900, Bobruisk/Rogachev)
FRID (around 1910, Bobruisk/Riga)
etc. see List of Surnames on Web Site.

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