Viewmate 1654 - Yiddish Translation Please #ukraine

Richard Cooper <ric@...>

Dear Genners

I should be most grateful if anyone could translate
the postcard I've posted on 'Viewmate'
My French cousin Claude MATE (formerly MATELEVITCH),
having guessed that I was the family pack rat, recently gave me
a magnificent treasure trove of papers >from the French side of
our family which I hope to describe for 'Shemot' in the fullness of time.
Among them was what I think is a postcard sent >from Warszawa by
my g'g'grandmother Louise (Leah?) MATELEVITCH to her daughter-in-law
(my g'grand-aunt) Anna in Paris, c.1902.
A translation of the Yiddish handwriting at top & bottom, especially of
the sender's correct name, would be wonderful!
Please send any suggestions direct to me ric@...

Thanks in advance for any help possible,
and an early wish for a happy, healthy and peaceful 5763 to all.

Yours sincerely,
Ric Cooper
Gosport, UK
ADLER & FINKELSTEIN >from Ternopil
ANAPOLSKY >from Dnepropetrovsk
LEZTER & SALENDER >from Rzeszow
LEWINSTEIN >from Berdichev

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