In a message dated 8/8/02 7:40:56 PM, Dr. Benjamin Garber
<<Geography help needed: I have tracked GARBER or GARBERMAN families down
to two Ukrainian towns, SLOVECHNO and (my direct ancestors) in SLAVUTA.
I'm still researching the coordinates, Shtetlseeker and such. Plesae reply
if you know anything about SLOVECHNO and/or the GARBER or GARBERMAN
families there.>>

I know nothing of Dr. Garber's GARBER or GARBERMAN ancestors, but of
Slovechno my 1962 Columbia Lippincott gazetteer says it was (at least at time
of the gazetteer's printing) an agricultural town, which in 1926 had a
population of 2,223. It is located on the edge of the Pripet marshes, in the
north Zhitomir oblast, 32 miles north northwest of Korosten. It was known for
flax, buckwheat and potatoes.

Miriam Weiner's "Jewish Roots in Ukrainw and Moldova" shows records for
Slavuta are located in Kamenets Podolskiy and for the Slavuta Region in
Khmelnitskiy. She has no listing for Slovechno in particular.

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
Researching: BELKOWSKY and BIELKOWSKY, Odessa and Berdichev;ROTHSTEIN,
Kremenchug; FELDMAN, Pinsk; SCHUTZ, RETTIG, WAHL, Shcherets; LEVY, Mulhouse;
SAS or SASS,Podwolochisk; RAPOPORT, Tarnopol, Korostyshev; BEHAM, Salok and
Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY, Ostryna.

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