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Miriam Saltzman <whatever399@...>

Hello, my name is Miriam Saltzman. My great-grandparents were Harry and Lena
(Lizzie)Kleinerman. Their children were Pauline (Pessia), Nathan (Nuchim),
Sadie (Sure), Ethel (Ette)and possibly Jankel. They were >from Shpikov,
Ukraine. They came to Ellis Island in 1909. My family has been in Wisconsin
for a long time. I was wondering if anyone knew any information about them
or anything.

Miriam Saltzman
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Interested in: ALTSHULL, ALTSHUL - Bobruisk, Belarus
KLEINERMAN - Shpikov, Ukraine

MODERATOR's NOTE: Miriam, as a newcomer to genealogy, you will learn a lot >from the JewishGen FAQ site which has answers to just about all of your "how-to" questions. Go to the following URL
Scroll down to Learn and click on FAQ, Freqently Asked Questions
about Jewish Genealogy, then proceed to the Info files. You should also enter your names in the JewishGen Family Finder, JGFF, which is a searchable database that connects people who are searching the same ancestral towns and surnames. It is found at
Try this along with the suggestions that you'll get >from the readers of this digest, and you'll be a maven in no time flat! Welcome to the Ukraine SIG.

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