Our Ukraine SIG Challenge!! #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear Wonderful Members!

I'm so proud of our Ukraine SIG. Your response to my plea for contributions
to JewishGen was immediate & overwhelming. The donations are still coming
in. Without these funds to back up new projects that are in the works,
JewishGen will be be unable to upload the databases for your use.

So now .... here's the challenge! We're one of the largest active SIGs, &
I'd like to see us emerge as leaders & examples. This is our chance to show
that we're ALL givers - whether we donate $5 or $500!! Every bit counts. If
you've already made your contribution, you're already a leader. If you've
been waiting, this is the time for you to step forward.

** Let's be the first SIG whose membership gives 100%.
(For those who are also on other SIGs, your name will "already be counted" &
put on the donor list as a JG philanthropist. <g> ) Just think about what we
can start once we get this ball rolling. When we've each done our bit, we
can challenge the other SIGs to match our magnanimity ... AND alleviate our
budget problem!

Forget the popular soda pop entreaty ;-)
- instead, "Take the Ukraine SIG JewishGen Challenge"!!!!!!
We're all in this together, & I have a lot of faith in our SIG. Can we make
it 100% participation by the end of this week?! Put your hearts into your
pocketbooks & let's show our "sibling" SIGs what wholehearted giving is all

Cheers to all of you,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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