Translation thanks! #ukraine

R Gerber <beccamd@...>

Thanks to everyone who offered to help me with the translation of the
letter >from the Ukrainian archives.

The letter said essentially that there are no records for the surname I
inquired about (BLUMES), and further that the town I was interested in
(Rashkov) is not in Ukraine, but in Moldova.

Now I have it >from 3 good sources (Miriam Weiner, and two elderly relatives
of mine) that there are two towns called Rashkov - one in Ukraine, one in

Well, perhaps I will have luck in the future...

Rebecca Gerber
Glenview, IL USA

KLAYMAN: Teofipol (Chaun), Ukraine (Volhyn gub.)
ZINKOWETSKY, REZNIK, FINKELSZTEIN: Starokonstantinov uezd, Ukraine
SARBENIK: Rashkov, Moldova (Soroki district)
BLUMOS, BLUMES, BLURRIS, BLUMOS: Rashkov, Ukraine (Bessarabia)

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