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Marcos Gleiser <mgleiser@...>


I had posted on Viewmate a photo of my great aunt Goldie Gleizer GROISMAN,
which I would appreciate any help with.

They are in:http://www.jewishgen.org/viewmate/ reg VM-1726; VM-1730

Goldie GLEIZER Groissman arrived in Argentina, with her mother Rachel
GROISSMAN (my gg-mother) and her brothers Marcos, Samuel, Manuel, Fishel
and her sister Maria GLEIZER Groissman, sponsored by Baron Hirsch, circa
My ggfather Meier GLEIZER, apparently remained in Ataki-Moldova (former
Ukraine, Romania or Bessarabia).

Goldie was married to an american citizen, naturalised Superior Court,
Phila, Pa,July 1898, resident in Kansas City, Mo.(information >from Ellis
Island Archive) and Goldie travelled to the USA.

In Ellis Island archive, I found information about Samuel GLEIZER, 23
years, who arrived in N.Y. in 1923, in the Pan American for visit her
sister Goldie SHORE. In the same trip arrived Goldie Shore, 45 yrs (I
suppose that it is not her first entry to USA)

If anyone knows something about Goldie, I will appreciate it very much

Marcos Gleiser
Plese respond priivately to mgleiser@...

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