KATZ of Worms(Vinogradnoye) Ukraine #ukraine

roberta rosen

My ancestor, Rivke KATZ KREMENETSKY, was born in
Worms/Vorms(now Vinogradnoye), a German speaking town
in the Odessa area. (Settled by Germans in the late
1700's at the invitation of Catherine the Great.) In
1906 there were 18 Jewish families in this town of
1000 people, according to a life story recorded by
Rivke's son. One of the residents was Sam
GALTER/GAULTER/GOLTER who, later in his life, was one
of the founders of "The City of Hope Cancer Hospital"
in Los Angeles, Ca. The recorded life history has much
information about the town, and first names of many
Jewish residents; unfortunately the surnames are
unintelligible. If any one has any knowledge of,
ancestors from, or interest in this town, please
contact me. Rivke KATZ KREMENESTSKY was related to
many of the Jewish families in this town. I'll be
happy to share my meager information.

Roberta Rosen
Long Beach, Ca

KREMENETSKY of Worms(Vinogradnoye),Balta,
Tesespol: Ukraine
FRIEDLAND/SHAPIRO of Berezena: Belarus

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