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Carol <clingan@...>

Some of my family were evacuated >from Dnepropetrovsk to what they said was
"Asia" but was in fact Kazakhstan. The ones who stayed in the city were
all killed. The ones who were evacuated came home safely--except for my
great-grandmother, who is buried there someplace.

Carol Clingan
Auburndale MA


Original message in part:
Subject: Kazakhstan Residents in WW II
From: Marion Diamond (
I have found a brief document on my mother's 1943 request to the
World Jewish Congress Relief Department, to locate her sister (whose
existence was news to me). The last known address was "Kazachskaya
Aktiubinskaya oblast Martukskij rayon Stantzia Yaysan." A Soviet
immigrant tells me that location was or maybe still is Kazakhstan.

I wondered why this sister would have been living there, since the family
came >from Chernigov gubernia. It never occcurred to me that she might
have been evacuated there, until Mr. Brikman's post stimulated so many

If anyone has more information about why, when and how people became
located in "the stans" I would be very interested. If there are enough
of us searching, we might in fact eventually form a Western Asia group,
as Joyce Field suggested.

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