Re: Switzerland to Ukraine? #general

Carol <clingan@...>

This is interesting to me, although I can't add any information, because my
gggf in Ukraine had the only surname I haven't been able to find in
Bieber's book--Partoll. And, moreover, everybody I have ever found with
this name comes >from the same place, the Austrian Tyrol. I have never
been able to figure out if he came >from there--and if so, why--or got this
name in another way....

Carol Clingan
Auburndale MA

Researching GOROVOTSKY, PINT, PARTOLL, LILOVSKY, Dnepropetrovsk

Original Message in part:
From: Andrew Blumberg <>
Subject: [ukraine] Switzerland to Ukraine?

Has anyone ever heard of families moving >from Switzerland to Ukraine? I
was recently told that my family >from Ukraine moved there from
Switzerland during hard economic times. This would have occurred some
time before the 1840s.

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