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My grandmother was born in present Ukraine and my father was born in
Istanbul. In working on the marriage records of Istanbul, I see many
Ashkenzi names--including many that I know were common in Ukraine.
Perhaps, then, this will be of interest to a few of you:

The effort to record the index marriage records of Istanbul/Constantinople
is now 50% complete, with a total of over 12,000 marriages. Each marriage
record includes groom's name, groom's father's name, bride's name, bride's
father's name, Hebrew/Solitreo reference number, and year. Here is a
search engine for approximately 6,000 of these marriages:


o The Soundex feature at the site above is not yet "airtight"!
o Where the date is missing in the results, it is between 1886 and 1899.

The site above includes some unproofed material. Please do not visit the
site if you are looking for a perfect, finished, or complete set of
materials. I offer this search engine only because it may be of some value
to people with roots in Istanbul/Constantinople; and, surely, some of these
people don't want to wait a year or two until the entire project is

P.S. Here is a complete list of all surnames we have found in all of the
records now finished, including unproofed records:

Here is what a typical index page looks like:

And here is what some typical Hebrew/Solitreo marriage pages look like:

Pick any item in this directory:

Daniel Kazez <>
Springfield, Ohio USA


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