Re: Sefardim in Ashkenaz territory #galicia

CLAUSSEN DAN and DIANE <didado@...>

"There is an ongoing myth in my family that we are descended from
Sefardim who migrated east after 1492 and wound up in Central and
Eastern Europe. Is there any documentation for such a phenomenon?"
Miriam Solon

There has been extensive discussion about the presence of Sephardic people
in Ashkenazi territory in last three years. I would highly suggest you and
other interested researchers search the discussion groups archives for the
Sefard SIG and Ukraine SIG. Especially check out the Sefard discussion
archives. There have been some disagreements about especially about any
large migration of Sephardim as high up as Ukraine, Lithuania etc. But
there is both literary evidence and some physical and cultural evidence of
the existence of Sephardic people as far back as the 9th and 10th

Best wishes,
Diane Kriegman Claussen

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