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Dear Group,

Connie Fisher Newhan asked several questions about given names. We have
had many discussions on that topic before. The first thing Connie and
others may want to do is to check the Infofiles at <>. Go
to Names and look at all the interesting and informative articles.

There are some excellent reference books on given names. Two that I use
are Jewish Personal Names by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, pub. by Avotaynu in
1992, and The Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names by
Alfred J. Kolatch, pub. by Jonathan David Publishers, NY, in 1984.

The main thing to remember when dealing with the translation of given
names is that our ancestors could choose any name they liked. Usually,
they chose names that started with the same first letter as their
Yiddish names, but not always. Sometimes they chose "calques." These
were names that meant the same as their Yiddish names when translated.
Many of them just wanted to become American, so they chose names that
were popular when they arrived.

As to the questions:
2. Could Buzie, Buzi, Buzia and Buzi v Bruche all be the same person?
Could that be the same as Bertha?

Buz and Buzi are masculine names. Buzi is a variant of Buz. Bruchel is
also masculine. There are feminine names of Bracha, Brocha, and Beracha,
but not Bruche.

4. I know Mordko is Mordecai. How about Motie and Motio? All the same person?

Probably. Moti/Motti are nicknames for Mordechai.

5. Could Herman and Hersch be the same person?

Maybe. Many people called Hersch became Harry, but any name beginning
with H would be possible.

6. Could Judith be Ruchel? If not, what name could "Judith" be in Galicia?

Judith was usually derived >from Yehudit. Ruchel usually became Rose or Rachel.

7. What would Blime Elke, Godel Mechel, and Malka translate to?

Blima/Blime comes >from Shoshannah. The calque for Blima is Flora.
Elke/Elke comes >from Illa. It often becomes Ellen/Alice.
Hoda/Hodel comes >from Hadassah. Esther or Hadas would be possibilities.
Malka was almost always Molly.

Hope this is helpful.

Ilene Kanfer Murray in St. Louis

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