Re: Sefardim in Ashkenaz territory #galicia

Mila Begun <mmbegun@...>

There is a persistent family myth that our ORLIK family >from Talnoye,
Ukraine, was originally >from Spain, via Denmark. Of course, grains of
salt must be taken with this story since it alledgedly comes >from "crazy
Aunt Rose." Discounted as totally untrue by most of the family because
of the source, it may actually contain some elements of truth.

It's very hard to prove now that our origin was in Spain, but I'm still
trying. One possible (or fantasized) clue is our name, ORLIK, which is
not a very common name for Jews in Eastern Europe, although you do come
across it in Poland. Most of the ORLIKs I've found in my research are
Catholic and >from Czechoslovakia.

ORLIK in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish means "eagle," or as some Russian
friends have advised, ahem, a very small eagle. (Maybe it's only a
chicken hawk???) The word for eagle in Spanish is Aquila. My fantasy
is that the Aquila family changed their name to the equivalent word in
Russian when they arrived. I may never find the truth, but it's a
satisfying imagined scenario.

Mila Begun in NYC

Talnoye (Talna in Yiddish)

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