Torchin/Torczyn #ukraine

ms nodrog

I am trying locate information about family members who lived in
Torchin/Torczyn. They arrived in the United States in the early
The names I am searching for are BAITCH and ROSEN. A remaining BAITCH
cousin insists that the name has always been spelled with an A. The
other name of ROSEN is my grandfather's and his first name was Leizer.
I can not go back further than that. His wife was Ada BAITCH.

I have discovered a connection between ROSEN and GOLDFARB. Someone who
I think may be a relative says that even though their name was
GOLDFARB, it really was CHARNIZA. Has anyone ever heard of any of
these names >from Torchin/Torczyn? I believe Torchin/Torczyn is in the
Volynia Gubernia.

Hope Gordon
Salt LAke City, UT

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