researching: KIRZNER/BAYLIN from Slavuta/Volhynia region #ukraine

Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>


I'm new to the Ukraine group but have spent the last two years digging into
JRI-Poland databases, etc. I can only hope I'll be half as successful in
this part of Russia.

I have just this past week found my great-grandfather's naturalization
which says that he was >from Slavuta in Volhynia. Here is what I know:

My great-grandfather was Solomon KIRZNER (I'm guessing at the spelling
since this is how my mother tells me it sounded, they used the name
KITCHENER while stopping over in Leeds, and they changed the name to
SIDMAN in the US-taking the name of his best friend Sam SIDMAN, also >from
Slavuta). His wife was Minnie BAYLIN. His mother was Sophie BAYLIN.

His best friend Sam SIDMAN's wife was Sarah BAYLIN and Sam's mother was
Celia BAYLIN. So the BAYLIN's are pretty well entwined with KIRZNER and

Has anyone had success getting records >from the Slavuta region?
Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Marty Meyers
BORDOWITZ >from Przasnysz/Mlawa/Ciechanow/Makow/Pultusk
ZYLBERMAN/SILVERMAN >from Przasnysz/Chorzele
MEYEROWITZ/POROSHKIN >from Bolshaya Berestovitsa (Belarus)
KIRSHNER/SIDMAN/BAILIN >from Slavuta/Volhynia/Ukraine
ZELMANOVICH and ROZENSZTEIN >from Poland (Przasnysz area?)

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