Name translation PLEASE #ukraine

Sam Stulberg

I'M EMBARRASESSED ..... Thanks Warren Blatt for reminding me what I
learned preparing for my Bar Mitzvah in 1936, that a "shin" and
"sin" are similar in appearance

Sam Stulberg
Arlington, VA

From: Warren Blatt
To: Sam Stulberg <>
Subject: Re: Name translation PLEASE

"it's hard to say without context, but it could be "and Sarah",
i.e. Lazar, son of Yitzhak and Sarah.
Warren "

Please you nice people out there... I have no problem with the first part
of the name on the stone:

Lazar ben Yitzhak ( but it's followed by) " vov + shin + resh + Heh "
something I'm not familiar with.

Sam Stulberg
Arlington, VA

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