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Kelly Collins <Nibdipper@...>

Greetings list members,

I am desperately trying to find information on the family of my
husband's grandfather, Leo SINGER. What I know of Leo, is that he came to
the United States in 1913. His given name is listed on his "Declaration of
Intention" as Laub WILSHONSKY. He joined the US Cavalry in World War I and
his discharge papers also reflect this name. He came >from Kiev, Russia
and lived in Newark, New Jersey, where he became a fireman in 1928, at
which time he changed his name legally >from Laub WILSHONSKY to Leo SINGER.
None of his paper work, reflects his parents names. I know that he had 2
brothers, Max and Saul SINGER (given names >from the home country unknown).
I tried to further my research, looking for information on Max SINGER,
who very kindly shows up in census records. To that end, I have come across
information online suggesting that the parents names were Morris and
With both surnames, WILSHONSKY and WILSHINSKY, I have been currently
unable to find Ellis Island information on any family members. I do know
for certain that Leo came through Ellis Island and I have tried variations
of spelling, only to come up empty handed. In trying to locate the
surname online, WILSHINSKY is the only one that gets any hits, however,
nothing definitive or helpful in my search.
Is there anyone who might have information on this family or would be
able to guide me in where to look in other sources or possibly insight
on the variations of spelling for the surname in Russia? I know all this
is very generalized and being new to research overseas, I am very unsure
in my footing. Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you
all, so much for your time.

Kelly Collins

Moderator's Note:
Most of JewishGen's databases use the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex system for
searching, which takes various spellings into account. The advanced search
ability allows you to enclose characters of the name being searched in
brackets signifying that the letter should not be soundexed but must
appear as is. So, for starters, please try - JewishGen InfoFile Index:

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