Searching families #ukraine

Debbie Posner <davidndeb@...>

I am once again returning to the Jewishgen in hopes that old members
discovered something new or new members are able to provide new information.
Am searching ZILBERBERG and EJDELSZTJEN (ADELSTEIN) >from Stepan. Am
searching EJDELSZTEJN(ADELSTEIN) >from Kolki (Kolk). The follwing is some
new information I obtained. My father sailed in September 1935 >from
(Gadinya) Gdansk on the ship Bilsudski. The Bilsudski was sunk my a German
submarine in 1939. Does anyone know how I may maintain information on that
ship and if it is possible to research the ships manifest?
Thank you,
Debbie Adelstein-Posner
Buffalo Grove, Il
Searching: EJDELSZTEJN (ADELSTEIN) Stepan and Kolki

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