Kiev Researcher #ukraine


For this New Year I have a small problem. Last year I corresponded with a
researcher in Kiev and I only remember her first name, Elleanora. After
several months of no Emails I deleted her >from my address book.

Jan. 4th, I received a New Years Greeting >from her that had an attachment to
it. It has taken me several days to open this and I find that she claims
that she has found a document relating to a person whose name is the same as
the one I had asked her to research, but in a different shtetl, in a
different gubernia. This name is an unusual one and might belong to my
family, so I would like to contact her about this find.

In my efforts to open the attachment, I accidentally deleted the original
Email which would have had her address. So now I have a breakthrough and
cannot follow it up.

Does anyone know a Kiev researcher named Elleanora ...................? and
an Email address for her.

** Please reply to me personally at; rosa3035@... **

Nathan Greenberg
San Diego, CA

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