Hamburg List & Yiddish given name #ukraine

Flo Elman

Two aunts sailed on the same ship with their families. The Hamburg List no
longer shows the manifests, but does say whether they were with family, &
the year of birth. Can anyone tell me how the ship numbers were assigned? Is
it possible that passengers #99681 & #96759 could have been on the same

I don't have the married name of this aunt, but her given name was Molya
(pronounced "Maya" by the family). Could her Yiddish name have been Malke?
If someone is knowledgeable about names, are there any other possibilities
for her Yiddish name?

Thanks in advance,
Florence Nerenberg Elman

ELMAN (originally >from Romania) researching: GOTLIBOVICH/ GOTLIBOWITZ/
GOTLIEB - Korosten, Zhitomir, Ukraine; STIRBERG/ ZAIDMAN - Khotin; WAISMAN -
Romania; SURIS/ SURES - Odessa, Ukraine; WEISSBEIN/ VAJSBEJN - Odessa,
Ukraine; SASLAWSKY - Argentina; ZILBERBERG/ SILBERBERG - Ushitsa, Podolia,
Ukraine; KATSOVITCH - Ilya, Minsk & Vileyka

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