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With regard to your question, this appears to be permission for your g/f
to travel so many miles >from the border into Russia, and return.

...welcher die Reise nach Russland bis (illegible, off of screen: ______)
Meilen von der Grenze und zurück gestattet ist.

Here's a rough German translation of your grandfather's travel document
with the original German first, and the English translation following:

Legitimations-Schein gültig auf 28 Tage.

Identity card valid for 28 days.

Vorzeiger dieses, der deutsche Reichsangehörige
(Russischestaatsangehörige) ______________________ (signature) aus
______________________ (line filled in handwriting) wird hiermit als
bekannte und unverdächtige Person legitimirt, welcher die Reise nach
Russland bis (illegible, off of screen: ______) Meilen von der Grenze und
zurück gestattet ist.

The bearer of this pass, a Russian national, (signature) >from (town or
province of Mr. Hauptman), known to be beyond suspicion, is hereby
permitted to travel to Russia up to _____ miles >from the border, and

Beuthen O/S , den _14_ten _September_, 19__?

Die Polizei-Verwaltung.

The Police Administration.

L.S. (Circular Seal) (top part) THE POLICE
ADMINISTRATION. (Signature next to seal)


Notice: Illegal use of an identity card is punishable under § 363 (or §
868?) of the Reich’s Criminal Code, subject to (illegible—imprisonment?)
or a fine of up to 150 marks. (Obviously, this is a paraphrase of above
paragraph which is substantially longer in original German.)


Signalement des Inhabers:

Identifying characteristics of the bearer of pass:

1. Wuchs: gross klein
1. Weight (not big or small)

2. Augen: braun
2. Brown eyes

3. Haare: braun
3. Brown hair

4. Gesicht: länglich oval gewöhnlich

4. Normal looking face (not long or round)

5. Mund: gross klein gewöhnlich

5. Normal looking mouth (not big or small)

6. Nase: gross klein gewöhnlich

6. Normal looking nose (not big or small)

7. Alter: (illegible)

7. Age (illegible)

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Charles Millman
Harrisburg, PA

CHERNER, GANSKY and KOLKER, Olgopol, Romanovka and Bershad, Ukraine;
MILMED, MILMAN, MILLMAN, Wachnovka, Kiyev, Ukraine and Varnifka, Russia;
Philadelphia, PA, Buffalo, NY and Vineland, NJ;
ROSENBLUM, Philadelphia, PA, Buffalo, NY and Vineland, NJ;
WALDMAN, Rovno, Volyn, Ukraine.

Original Message
Debbie Pomerance wrote in part:
Hi List -

"My GF Michail (sp?) HAUPTMAN emigrated >from Radomsko,
Poland (south of Lodz) in 1904. This document is half in German and
half in Russian.
Is it a travel doc? Permission to cross Germany? Can there be
additional meaningful facts to be gleaned >from it? Is it worth my
while to get it translated, or is it boilerplate? Is the boilerplate

Debbie Pomerance

Moderator's Note: Even though Debbie's question appears to pertain to
Radomsko (not a Ukrainian town), I took the liberty of approving Mr.
Millman's very thorough translation on the off-chance that one of our
members may have come across a similar type document.

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