Ukraine Moderator...

Dear Genners,

It is both disturbing and frustrating to reject many of the posts
to our list because they have been sent in a format other than
PLAIN TEXT. We cannot even edit these posts because it would then
produce a "blank" e-mail to over 1200 members. Today I had
to reject 5 posts because they were sent in Multipart/MIME -
Multipart/Alternative or HTML. The information you send is
VERY important to all of us, so PLEASE - check the settings on
your e-mail programs and set them to PLAIN TEXT ONLY.

There are so many different e-mail programs in use, we have written
an InfoFile and suggest you refer to it for help.

If the solution is not found there, you will need to contact your
Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance, or if you are using
an e-mailer different than the one provided by your ISP, review the
manual or communicate with tech support for the e-mail program you are

Once you have learned how to set your program to plain text, we would
appreciate it if you would add this information to the InfoFile in order
to assist others. Please send the step by step instructions you have
been given to support@... and it will be added to the file.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Your Moderators

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