Michael Waszynski (Wachs) #ukraine

Flo Elman

Michael Waszynski: This is a message that was received by the Ukraine SIG
today. I'm forwarding it on to the Discussion Group in the hope that one of
you may be able to help Samuel Blumenfeld in his search. (If you have any
information, please send it on to his email address at
blumenfeld@... Do NOT reply to my email address. )

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Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 8:45 AM
Subject: Michael Waszynski

Dear Florence Elman,
I am a french journalist working for the daily Le Monde in Paris. I am
currently working on a biography of someone called Michal Waszynski who
directed fourty films in Poland before the war, among them, The Dybbuk one
of the most famous yiddish film. Waszynki's real name was Michal Wachs and
he was born in Volhynia or in Kiev in 1904. You might not be the right
person to talk to, in this case forgive me for the hassle, but I'm trying to
find a way to have informations about his childhood, or at lesat, know where
exactly he was born.

Thank you very much for help

Samuel Blumenfeld

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