Kalladey, Budweiser Kreis, Bohemia and Merging Family Trees #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I first met Ruth Coman and Peter Barber [both SIG
members >from London] when I organised a
Bohemia-Moravia get-together on the occasion of Susan
Boyer's [California] visit to London in Sept. 2004.
Little did I know, that 6 months later our trees would

Ruth rang me yesterday and she asked about a grave in
Wahringer Friedhof, Vienna of Franzisca [nee LOEWY]
SCHUSSLER [umlaut on the U]:

Schussler Franziska, age 67, 18.08.1872, Gp 7 Grave

who was possibly her gt-gt grandmother.

We confirmed today that Franziska was indeed from
Kalladey and was the right person. She was described
as an "Oekonomiebesitzers witwe" [Estate-owner's
widow]. Her deceased husband was Joachim Tobias

My immediate reaction was that I also have
SCHUESSLER on my tree and then we realised we were
talking about the same family and Ruth had been
corresponding with my SCHUESSLER third-cousin in

Peter Barber's tree is linked to Ruth's tree through

SALUS is linked to SCHUESSLER - Ruth's tree.

SCHUESSLER is linked to BACHRACH and
BACHRACH is linked to BIACH [Celia's tree - my great-
grandmother being Emma nee BIACH. Her sister Charlotte
married Joseph BACHRACH and Joseph granddaughter
married into the same SCHUESSLER family discussed
above]. QED

Peter also has BACHRACHs on his tree from
Leipnik in northern Moravia. As yet, we do not know if
the two BACHRACH lines are related

Moreover, Franziska's parents, namely the LOEWYs
from Kalladey, may be the same as the Kalladey
LOEWYS on Randy Schoenberg's and Jane Reber's
[both >from California] trees.

Kalladey, [Kolodeje nad Luznici] in the Budweiser
Kreis, Southern Bohemia, had 69 Jewish families living
in the village in 1793; all 69 families were
Schutzjuden and four families were named "Lovi".

It is cause for a celebration all around; were there
still a Jewish community in Kalladey, I am sure there
would be dancing in the streets tonight.

As SIG members Uri Meretz and Ray Minkus have both
written to me [and I have their permission to quote]
"bim bam bom" was also used in Hebrew songs - so
perhaps that is what they might be singing too.

Celia Male [UK]

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