Re: Zhivotovo etc. (trying to link 3 ancestors to one Shtetl) #ukraine

Elina Smirnova <smirnova-elina@...>

The ending "o" is a very common ending for names of places. Firstly, when
the settlment was small it could have name with "vo" ending (as Zhivotovo),
then , when it became bigger, as a small town, it lost its ending, and got a
name without it (Zhivotov)
The word "zhivot" means "stomach", "belly". In russian this word originally
came >from the word that means "to live"
Kurilap sounds better with "vo" ending as Kurilapovo (if it was a place).
But here it is a surname. The word consists of two parts: Kura (kuri) means
"hen", and "Lap" ("lapa") means "hen's leg". The surname is "original", so
all people with it could be relatives. I met one man with surname "Lapo". It
could be a short variant of "Kurilapo"
The surname "Bogomolny" also consists of 2 parts "Bog" - "God", and
"mol....." - "pray".
Surnames give lot of information that helps in search
Elina Smirnova

Isaac CURELOP lists his birthplace as Jivotov Kiev (naturalization appl).

Meanwhile, on JewishGen databases I found a Khaim Kurilapo in Zhivotovo

And why the "o" at the end of this town's name, even at the end of

By the way, just for fun I tried to figure out what "BOGOMOLNY" could
mean. Perhaps it means "great or big prayer" suggesting the "piety" of the
persons bearing that name. But this may be one of my wilder guesses.

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